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Happilyraw Terms & Conditions


1. Disclaimer
The information and products provided on this site, featured in newsletters and on the Happilyraw Blog site, are for your information and educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The statements on this website should not be considered as medical advice and we strongly recommend working in partnership with an appropriately qualified healthcare professional.
We do not advise or answer any nutritional or health related questions regarding the proposed treatment of any new or existing medical conditions. If you are pregnant, breast feeding or currently taking any prescription medicines or other supplements/herbs, we strongly recommend that you undertake thorough research before consuming any products to ensure that they are suitable for your individual circumstances.
We do not accept any liability for the misuse or uninformed use of any products or information accessed from this site. We believe that everyone should take full responsibility for their own health and well being and seek appropriate advice, guidance and support for their own individual circumstances from an appropriately qualified healthcare professional before taking or using any of these products.
2. Purchasing off 3rd Party Websites
We are not responsible for the content provided on any 3rd party websites which are linked from this website or the views expressed by these organisations. Neither are we responsible for all the terms and conditions of purchasing products directly from these websites. We are not responsible for the despatch, delivery or cancellation of items purchased from the 3rd party websites. Your contract will exist between you and 3rd party websites, subject to their terms and conditions. If you have any issues regarding your order, you will need to contact them directly.
All the books and kitchen equipment listed on our website are purchased from Amazon.co.uk. After selecting a book or kitchen item, you will be re-directed to the Amazon.co.uk website. We are not responsible for the despatch, delivery or cancellation of a book or kitchen item. Your contract will exist between you and Amazon.co.uk, subject to their terms and conditions. If you have any issues regarding your book or kitchen item order, you will need to contact Amazon.co.uk.
3. Privacy Policy & Cookies
We will respect the privacy of all our existing customers. No matter who you are, your personal or professional situation, your identity and details of your order are kept strictly confidential by everyone at Happily Raw Ltd.
We ensure that your personal data is securely stored. We do not share, sell or hire out your personal information as legally bound by the Data Protection Act 1998.
We will send out newsletters by email to keep customers updated with any special offers or new products for those customers who provide us with their email address. However, please unsubscribe to the newsletter if you do not wish to continue receiving them.
On the 26th May 2012, a new EU law came into affect which means that websites are no longer permitted to automatically track ‘cookies’ which are tiny text files stored in the browser of the visiting customer to 'remember' what a visitor has previously done in the past on a website. Some websites will now offer the user to opt-in or opt-out of having their 'cookies' tracked. The Happilyraw website does NOT track the 'cookies' of any visitor in order to try and offer any targeting product advertising or 'remember' what they have previously visited on the site. The use of 'cookies' on the Happilyraw website is controlled by our website host, ekmsitebuilder, who are now operating under the new EU ruling on tracking 'cookies'. 'Cookies' do NOT harm your computer and are NOT designed to steal personal information. You can still set the browser on your own computer to clear, delete and block 'cookies'. For more information on 'cookies' and how to update your own browser, please visit www.ICO.gov.uk.

4. Hosting of the Happilyraw Website
We aim to maintain full 24 hour function of the website, however there may be occasionally short periods where your access to this website may be temporarily suspended without notice in the case of any maintenance, repair or system failure beyond our control.
This website is fully hosted by ekmsitebuilder and is connected to one of the best, most resilient networks in the world. Each of their servers is setup with multiple power connections, multiple processors and multiple hard drives. Their entire network has two independent internet connections both of which connect to five other further independent transit networks. In the very unlikely event that any of these connections go down they can quickly switch the entire network to use an alternative connection. Their network is protected by several hardware firewalls and advanced routers to avoid any security issues and to ensure maximum performance.
5. Copyright of the Happilyraw Website
You are not permitted to replicate the text, images or logo from this website without prior consent from Soul Integrity Ltd. All content is either unique copyright of Soul Integrity Ltd or has been used with permission from our suppliers.
If you would like to link to this website, you may only do so after contacting Soul Integrity Ltd to discuss your intentions of use to avoid our misrepresentation on any other media.

6. UK Government Laws
Soul Integrity Ltd operates in compliance with Data Protection Act 1998

7. Company Registration Details
Registered Address:
Soul Integrity Ltd
Great Bow Wharf
Bow Street
TA10 9PN
Company Registration Number (England and Wales) 7015635

8. Terms and Conditions
These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time.
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